Tamkeen For security Services

When Do You Need TAMKEEN For Security Services??

Confidence During Unstable Times

Securing Sports Events, Parties As Well As Private And Public Occasions

Securing Sports Events, Parties As Well As Private And Public Occasions

TAMKEEN is able to secure sports events, parties as well as private and public occasions. Such type of security requires long experience in security that can be provided in crowded areas and in the presence of the public that belong to different cultures and affiliations.

دورة قياده دفاعيه

Providing Training courses for a security Personnel and defensive driving trainees.

Where our company gives VIP protection courses to security Personnel(officers _guards), as well as giving defensive driving courses to company drivers, theoretical at the company's HQ and practical in specialized

Securing The Premises Belonging Todifferent sectors

TAMKEEN also specialized in providing its security services through its personnel trained to secure banks, hotels, residential and touristic resorts, the premises of the private companies as well as dealing with security risks and threats with high professionalism.

Securing the VIPs

TAMKEEN provides personal security for a wide sector of diplomats, public governmental figures, businessmen, foreign experts and their families in the work premises, places of residence inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and dealing with different types of threats and risks.